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I’m not a dev but…..

May 15, 2008

*geek alert* stop reading if you’ve never heard of RESTful architecture

OH… MY.nickfloyd… I’m excited.

I know just enough to know I wanted to come to the session titled “”Future of Fellowship One API: Moving to a RESTful architecture”

can I say it again? OH. MY.

Standards are cool. I now understand why Steve Smith is so big on this stuff. It makes pulling the info you want dead simple. Nick Floyd (that’s a fuzzy representation of him on the right) presented and WOW he was excited about this stuff. I started imagining what I could do with what little I understood of what he was explaining, and now I’M excited. This is some big stuff kids. Big stuff.

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  1. daynamite permalink
    May 15, 2008 11:46 pm

    it sounds like big kid stuff. 🙂

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