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gwibber, the one I've been searching for

June 7, 2009

screenshot-gwibberIn my quest to use Linux full-time, I’m building a list of “equal or better” Linux programs to replace the ones I used in my former Windoze life. I think many others are on that same quest.

When it comes to chat/social network all-in-one clients, nothing can compare to digsby. Unfortunately, although we’ve been promised a native Linux version for quite some time, it has not yet been delivered. As such, I’ve been quite happy with Pidgin for a chat client, but have been looking everywhere for a decent standalone twitter client.

I’m not sure why I never found it before, but today I found gwibber hanging out in the Jaunty repositories. A ‘sudo aptitude install gwibber’ later, I was very pleasantly surprised.

As you can see, it has a very smooth interface that blends quite well in gnome. What sold me on it though, was how nicely it integrates with Jaunty’s new notification system. I have it set to check every 5 minutes, and when new updates come in, they show up in the now-familiar fade-in-fade-out-overlay in the top right corner of the screen. I like it.

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