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Must-Have Windows Programs

April 29, 2010

I’m midway through my semi-annual wipe-the-computers-clean-and-start-fresh season, and I thought just for funsies I’d detail the list of programs that go on immediately after Windows.

  1. Office (2010 in this case)
  2. Antivirus (Sophos since these are work computers)
  3. Firefox
  4. Dropbox (synchronizes all my important files between all my computers)
  5. FileZilla (I move a lot of files around)
  6. Synergy (two computers, one keyboard, one mouse)
  7. Putty (can’t live without SSH access)
  8. Pidgin or Digsby (IM programs, depending on my mood and beefiness of the computer)
  9. HeidiSQL (best free MySQL front-end GUI, period.)
  10. MySQL ODBC Connector (so Excel can become even more useful)
  11. Notepad++ (for syntax-highlightiness while hacking)

So there ya have it. What’s on your list of must-haves?

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